Olympus Airways

Welcome to the unofficial site of Olympus Airways

This is a new airway company from Greece, which is organized as an international air transport operator, focused on serving flights to Greece from European destinations.

Olympus Airways is sibling of Olympic Air. The parent company is mostly regional, and as far as the travel volume in the part of Europe has been growing fast, it was decided to settle an international airlines brand. The owner of Olympus Airways is Aegean Airlines. They are planning to start operating the new Greek Airlines operator in spring 2016, by the beginning of a new tourist season.

Nowadays there is a process of purchasing fleet for Olympus Airways. Due to its international positioning they would like to combine the park of several airplanes of high capacity like Airbus and some aircrafts of medium capacity, Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 type. The company would be served in Athens International Airport and flight regularly from London, Moscow, Dusseldorf and Paris to Athens. Thessaloniki and back.

The schedule of Olympus Airways won’t offer regional flights in Greece.